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Liveübertragung leipzig vs bochum 2021-10-02

Liveübertragung leipzig vs bochum 2021-10-02

Leipzig face Bochum in the seventh round of the German football championship. The Bulls are unimpressive under Marsсh, to put it mildly, but they will surely beat Bochum.

In their last five games, Leipzig have lost three times, with one win and one draw. But the Bulls beat Hertha 6-0 in this period but put themselves in a difficult position in the Champions League group stage. Leipzig under Marsсh is very unstable, that’s a fact, but as written above, we doubt that the current Bochum side can take advantage of the weaknesses of the future hosts. Moreover, RB need to improve their standings in the Bundesliga. Before the start of the seventh round, the Bulls are only 10th in the German elite table. Let us pay attention to one interesting feature of the Bulls this season. All of Leipzig’s victories, and there have been three, have been to nil.

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